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Great News

Just finished configuring the new website. It can be found at We'll be using that from now on as it offers highly advanced features compared to this service. Feel free to sign up there. Signups for this website will be closed and this website will become unused once everyone has switched over.

Important Notice

The Minecraft server will be receiving multiple shutdowns/reloads as well as a server mode switch for some time. I have backed up the map entirely so nothing will be changed/lost. I'm mainly testing plugins for a new website that will drastically increase functionality.

Update: Things are looking good. A new website with much more functionality is on its way. Server will remain online, but the map will remain different until setup is complete. This is mainly to prevent unwanted changes.

Update 2: Taking a break from working on the new website. Server map will go back to normal and I'll keep an eye on things to make sure they don't go haywire. The new website should be ready in a day or two, unless I get lazy. Oh, and the Atum mod has been removed. Too many instability issues for what it offers.
Server Information


Type: Modded 1.5.2 Survival

Online-only: No

Whitelisted: Yes

*Required files: Minecraft Forge, Mo' Creatures, CustomMobSpawner, guiAPI, Twilight Forest, Thaumcraft, Balkon's Weapon Mod, Harken Scythe Mod, Buildcraft, BattleTowers

Check the mod downloads page for a list of all the required files (links to the author's page).

*Subject to change
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